Welcome to Sweden’s funniest festival

29 - 31.8 2024

Lund Comedy Festival is Sweden’s funniest festival held yearly since 2010 during three intense days in August/September. With generous support from the municipality of Lund and collaborators such as Sparbanken Skåne, Wihlborgs Fastigheter, Grand Hotel and many more + around hundred volunteers, we strive to make the world a happier and better place through optimism, humor and comedy.

At Lund Comedy Festival you’ll experience everything from standup to improvisation, music, show, interviews and a lot more. The festival presents many of Sweden’s most well known comedy profiles and brilliant international artists, but also rising stars in Sweden’s biggest standup competition – Grand Comedy Slam. The broad repertoire wouldn’t be possible without our loyal sponsors and collaborators who appreciate the positive meeting place that the festival creates for participants, inhabitants, artists and tourists.  Our aim is to contribute with a true positive meeting place that brings together perspectives, people and thoughts, not just for the moment, since in the long run for a better world.

Martin Sörbo


More than 200 artists perform each year during the three day long Lund Comedy Festival. The majority of the shows run for 50 minutes and they all start and end at the same time at our ten venues, all situated in the heart of Lund.

Amongst the comedians who have perfomed at the festival are:  Jonas Gardell, Anna Blomberg, Anna Granath, Sissela Benn, Fredrik Lindström, Kristian Luuk, Babben Larsson, Fåfäng, Tig Notaro, Bill Bailey, Henrik Schyffert, Måns Möller, Per Andersson, Alex Horn, Croft & Pearce, Keyyo, Clara Henry, Måns Nilsson, Ankan Johansson, Al Pitcher, Jessika Gedin, Hans Rosenfeldt, Martina Haag, Petra Mede, Sissela Kyhle, Jen Kirkman, Marika Carlsson, Johan Glans, Shazia Mirza, Petra Mede, Ann Westin, Ari Eldjárn, Björn Gustavsson, Petrina Solange, Marcus Berggren, Annika Lantz, Eva Rydberg, Gunhild Carling, Jason Byrne, David Batra, Pajama Men, Carl Stanley, Soran Ismail, Özz Nûjen, Magnus Betnér, Josefin Johansson, Kalle Lind, Kattis Ahlström, Kodjo Akolor, Lill Lindfors, Mammas nya kille, Grotesco, Danny Bhoy, Harriet Braine, Therese Sandin, Karin Adelsköld, Lasse Åberg, Göran Gabrielsson, Annika Lantz, John Robins, Tom Houghton, George Egg, Francesca Martinez, Felicity Ward, Alex Horne, Phil Wang, Ahir Shah, and many more.

The Swedish National Radio Comapany (SR) have produced programmes live from the festival, such as På Minuten, Lantzkampen, Kära Annika, Melodikrysset och Tankesmedjan as well as the TV companies TV 4 and SVT have produced festival specials at Lund Comedy Festival.

Lund Comedy Festival was initiated by comedy profiles Anders Jansson and Johan Wester in 2010, under the name of Lunds humorfestival, inspired by Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Thanks to all our sponsors and collaboratos, wonderful volonteers and team, artists and audience – the festival wouldn’t exist without you!

Fabian Wester

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