Buddies. Pals. Amigos.

  • Fredag 2/9 (2022)
  • 18.00
  • Hotel Concordia, Billesalen

Jefferson Bond, David Minerba and Anders Morgenstierne. Three comedians who ended up being the most popular English speaking comedians in Copenhagen by having each of their own unique approach to performing stand-up.

And the most beautiful thing about it? They became great buddies along their journey in comedy.  But maybe the real comedy is the friends we made along the way. One thing is having fun backstage and going for late-night shawarmas in Copenhagen.  Now it is time for them to test if their friendship is strong enough to share a show at Lund Comedy Festival 2022. 

Jefferson Bond became the runner up in the Lund Comedy Grand Slam in 2019. Ever since then he has qualified for the finals of the Danish Comedy Slam and been handpicked by Russell Howard to perform alongside him at one of his shows in Denmark as well as been featured on national television. 

David Minerba is a phenomena on the Danish comedy scene. In 2019 he won the newcomer competition for Danish comedians and has since performed on every stage possible in Denmark and became one the countrys most popular TikTok creators with his hilarious video. But the coolest thing about him? When he ain’t doing comedy he is most often found in the studio making rap music. 

Anders Morgenstierne has been part of the comedy scene in Toronto, Reykjavik and his hometown of Copenhagen. It is fair to say that he is in no rush once he gets on stage, but his present and quirky style on stage has established him as one of the most beloved comedians on the danish comedy scene as well as made him a popular podcaster and writer for television.

Will the friendship stand? Drop by and see their hilarious show Buddies. Pals. Amigos!

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